Available space for rent
Logistic centers
Advantages of a Class A warehouse complex
Convenient location

Each of our complexes is located at the largest transport interchanges and has access to federal highways.

A ceiling high is 12 m.

High ceilings (12 meters) allow the installation of multilevel shelving equipment (6-7 tiers).

1 dock gate per 500 sq.m.

All gates for loading and unloading are of dock type. There is a sufficient number of automatic dock-type gates (dock shelters from the Hermann company) with loading and unloading platforms of adjustable height (dock levelers) – 1 dock gate per 500 sq.m. Floor load – 8 tons per square meter.

Concrete floor with anti-dust coating

Smooth concrete floor with anti-dust coating, with a load of 6 tons / sq m, at the level of 1.20 m from the ground.

24/7 Security and video surveillance

The presence of a security alarm and video surveillance system allows you to provide reliable 24-hour protection of the warehouse.

Autonomous engineering communications

The presence of its own boiler room allows you to provide thermal energy to all objects, while maintaining the required temperature in each of them.

Automatic thermal control system

The thermal control system operates in an automatic weather-dependent mode, ensuring that the required temperature level is maintained regardless of weather conditions.

Emergency power system

Availability of backup power to ensure uninterrupted

The high-speed internet

Fiber optic communications provide high reliability, speed and longevity of investment. Convenient work format for e-commerce companies.

The ability to provide logistics and warehouse services

3pl services: high-quality organization and traffic management, provision of accompanying documentation, Inventory accounting and monitoring in warehouses.

The company «Adva» leases warehouse complexes of class A, that meet all modern fire safety requirements, allowing tenants to store and process goods, and organize production.

Logistics centers are technically equipped for e-commerce tenants.

  • 100% provision of reserve capacities.
  • High throughput of logistics complexes (1 dock / 500 sq.m.).
  • Installation of shelving for any tenant’s projects.
  • Provision of “turnkey” office space.
  • High-tech equipment of the complex – Wi-Fi, TV, telephony.

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