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We provide Class «A» warehouse and office spaces, meeting the highest European standards for rent.

  • Convenient transport location at the federal highway M4 "Don";
  • High capacity of the logistics complexes (1 Dock / 600 square meters);
  • Allocation of isolated spaces with separated entrances;
  • Availability of its own boiler, as well as the universal system of ventilation and heating to maintain the temperature from 0 ° C to + 25 ° C;
  • Set up of racks for any projects of the tenant; with a height of 12.7 m including 6 levels of storage which will be able to stand the loads up to 8 ton per sq.m.;
  • Provision of office spaces on a turnkey basis;
  • High-tech equipment of the complex - Wi-Fi, TV, phone.
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3pl operator services

For our customers we provide full range of 3pl operator high-quality services:

  • Delivery and transportation of goods is carried out according to the client's request and considering all his requirements. All responsibility for the safety of your products is our work as well as the work of 3pl operator;
  • Storage and handling of goods flows. Placing of goods is carried out in high-quality class "A" warehouse complexes. Terms of processing and disposal do guarantee the safety of goods and minimize costs and risks. All operations related to the processing and disposal of goods are accompanied with WMS system transactions, which ensures full transparency of operations and the provision of any format online reporting;
  • Planning and management of the client's traffic flows and inventory is carried out according to their standards and requirements. Professional staff is involved in organization of logistics processes and using the latest technical resources and IT technologies;
  • All reporting and documentation is provided to the client online.
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We provide safekeeping of goods at a high level of quality

Our advantage and difference from other operators is the ability to implement high-quality service in our own class "A" warehouses. Professional staff and ability of WMS and ERP systems - all this allows us to handle the most difficult tasks associated with the organization of information exchange and integration with client's accounting systems. This also provides fail safe operation of the warehouse in all conditions;

Integration with WMS system

All processing and product placement operations are accompanied with WMS system transactions, which guarantees the transparency of any format online transactions and reporting.

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We provide high-quality freight forwarding services:

  • Around the Krasnodar region, North Caucasus Military District, Southern Federal District, as well as in Russia transportation is carried out by various types of vehicles with carrying capacity of 1.5 - 20 ton;
  • All that is required from you is to file a request with our experts. They will select the required size and cargo capacity of the vehicle and develop the most optimal route;
  • In addition to the traffic which do not require special temperature conditions, we provide refrigerated transportation of goods, observing all temperature regimes;
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