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    A2Group - one of the leaders of the logistics market in Russia

    The main goals of our company are:

    • Creating infrastructure for serving large enterprises of manufacturing, trading and logistics sector.
    • Reducing the traffic load in the regional center.
    • Improving the quality of customer service.

    The main areas of activity:

    • Construction of class “A” warehouse logistics complex - modern centers with a convenient location and functional layout.
    • Providing a full range of logistics services and storage of goods at our logistics centers. We provide 3PL-provider, providing its customers with immediate service and competent logistics: custody, optimal planning of the freight traffic and cargo transportation.
    • Construction of a business class house (residential complex “Skazka” and commercial premises (hypermarket “Lenta”).
    • Management of commercial real estate (“Castorama” Krasnodar).

    Our advantages:

    • Convenient for transport location of our logistics complexes near major transport junctions in the region.
    • Optimized for any consumer storage space, which allows the client to reduce storage costs.
    • Modern technical equipment and infrastructure.

    Results of our work:

    • In Krasnodar were successfully built and now operating two stages of logistics complex “A2group KRASNODAR”, covering an area of ​​62,000 square meters.
    • In Rostov-on-Don two stages of the complex “A2group ROSTOV” of ​​62000 square meters were leased out.
    • In already built logistics centers we offer to rent office and warehouse spaces with the high quality service provided.

    Our partners:

    For many years we are working closely with large companies which appreciate our high level of service and all the features of complexes: TransAsia, X5 Retail Group; M-Video, Oriflame; Yamaha; Evroset, Holodilnik.ru, Lada - Imidg, DB Schenker; FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE and others...

    OOO "ADVA"
    CEO Sergey Stebihov
    INN 2308171443, KPP 231101001
    OKPO 68476903, 03401000000 OKATO,
    BIN 1102308008208
    The certificate of registration 23 №008118665 IFNS №1 Russia in Krasnodar

    Advantages of our class «A» warehouse complex

    • Convenient transport accessibility

      Logistics complex is located at the entrance to the city, directly at the federal highway M4 “Don” (Moscow-Voronezh-Rostov-Novorossiysk - Sochi), which is the major delivery route in the Krasnodar region.

    • Ceiling height of 13.5 m

      High ceilings (13.5 meters) allow setting up a multi-level shelving equipment (6-7 storeys).

    • Equipped loading and unloading platforms

      A sufficient number of automatic dock shelters with cargo handling platforms of adjustable height (dock levelers) (1 per 600 sq.m.).

    • Concrete floor with anti-dust coating

      Smooth concrete floor with anti-dust coating and loading of 6 tons/sq.m., at 1.20 m. from the ground.

    • 24/7 security and video surveillance

      The presence of the security alarm system and video surveillance system allows to provide reliable 24-hour warehouse protection.

    • Private boiler house

      The presence of our own boiler allows to provide thermal energy objects, maintaining the necessary temperature in each of them.

    • Automatic temperature control system

      Thermal control system is operating in automatic mode that depends on weather, allowing to maintain the necessary level of temperature regardless of weather conditions.

    • Reserve power supply

      Back-up power supply ensures uninterrupted power supply facilities.

    • Fiber optic communications

      Fiber-optic communications are providing high reliability, speed and durability of investments.

    • High quality 3PL services

      High quality organization and management of transportation, providing forwarding documentation, accounting and monitoring of the warehouse stock.

    • Transport logistics

      Transportation with different types of vehicles with capacity from 1.5 t. up to 20 t. in Krasnodar region, South Federal District, North Caucasus Military District, as well as on the territory of Russia.


    Sorry, we do not have any open positions right now in this city.